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As a fully insured private midwife, I offer women and their families the emotional, physical and clinical support they need during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period.


Hello, my name is Alice, I am French
and live in England in West Sussex where I have worked as a midwife since 2021.

Whether it is your first child or even if you already are a mother, the perinatal period is a time in a woman’s life when she needs to feel surrounded, listened to and supported so that she can welcome this new child with confidence and serenity.

As a midwife, I offer women midwifery care and much more; I am also there to listen to them, to support them, to provide them with all the information that will help answer their questions. I want women to feel at the heart of their care.

soins prénatals

Midwifery Services


During these appointments, which take place in the family home, I take the time to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the mother and the wellbeing of the baby she is expecting. These appointments also allow me to create a real bond with the family I am caring for and to make sure that the woman and her family can look forward to the birth and postpartum period in peace. If you’d like me to come to your consultant appointments so you feel even more supported, I’d be more than happy to do so. SEE MORE


I will be by your side during your hospital or your home birth to give you the emotional and physical support you need. I want you to feel at the centre of your care, respected and heard. SEE MORE


We know more than ever that the weeks following the birth of a newborn are crucial in the attachment between the mother and her baby. I will ensure that this bond between you and your newborn is created by providing not only the clinical care but also the emotional support you need. SEE MORE

Get your free Giving birth guide

This short guide will help you find out more about the different phases you will go through during the birth of your child. I’m making it available to you so that you can read it at your leisure and discuss it with your partner.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to take notes and I’ll take the time to answer them with you and go into more depth on the subject of childbirth.



I am Alice,

I have been living in England with my husband and our four children since 2016.

After completing doula training with Dr Michel Odent in France, I moved to England to practice this profession.

However, after a year, I decided to continue my studies to become a Private Midwife,

in order to establish strong connections with the families I assist.

Since 2021, I have been working as a Private Midwife in West Sussex and the surrounding areas.

My goal is to ensure that the families I support feel at the center of their care and feel valued and respected.

Your lovely words


We felt very lucky to have you as our midwife.
Maybe we’ll be back in a few years for another!


Alice you are an amazing midwife and woman and I would never have the pregnancy and birth I had without your support. I thank you for your precious help, we will never forget you!
V & M


Thank you so much for being such a wonderful midwife! I will always remember your warmth, encouragement, kindness and support.


Thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue the natural birth we wanted, for being such a calm, kind presence during the birth and for supporting me so well in the postnatal period. You always made me feel that we had choices, and you were so non-judgemental and supportive. Your lovely smile, great hugs and kind words made such a difference to me.
Thank You for making our third and final birth experience so positive and special.
You’re amazing and I will never forget you!
A & R


We were very lucky to have Alice with us. She is a midwife who listens, reassures and cares. I felt heard and supported. Thank you again Alice. You are great!
M & J

With You at Every Step